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Re: Kernel 2.6: bootup errors not logged?

After the first time I installed the new kernel, it seemed like the changes I made in /etc/modules didn't matter at all. Nor did modconf remove the old modules, i.e. the `fatals' bootup reported.

After the second time I installed the (new) kernel, changes I made in /etc/modules *did* matter. So I probably was doing something wrong the first time. Modconf still works in the same way though; or not, depending on the way you look at it. It doesn't remove old modules. Almost like it doesn't `seem them'? Or maybe it `nowadays' uses another file than /etc/modules?

Whatever the reasons, editing /etc/modules removed some `fatals'. Some are left, but whiz by too fast for me to read them, thus I can't remedy them either.

Still seems strange they don't get logged at all ...

Thanks for your help though.

h: Kristian

Stef wrote:
Now that you mention it like this, I remember quite a few modules that changed, and might have given that exact message at boot time. Check in /etc/modules for any old modules that aren't working anymore, and change them in that file. Otherwise, just run modconf. I think modconf works with .ko modules nowadays.


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