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Re: Configuring APT

>    Package: *
>    Pin: release a=testing
>    Pin-Priority: 1001
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release a=unstable
>    Pin-Priority: 400
>    Package: *
>    Pin: release a=stable
>    Pin-Priority: 300

On further reflection I realised that those numbers will only do
what I want (procession from unstable/third-party to testing
version) for packages that don't exist in testing to start with.
The KDE (3.1) packages do, of course, so P = 1001 for testing will
block the installation of any 3.2 version from outside testing.

Sigh.  Is there any other magic combination of numbers and
target-release setting that _will_ do what I want?  I'd be willing
to do without the "slight-downgrade on switching from unstable to
testing version" effect, and could even forgo stable if need be
(though the presence of stable doesn't seem to be the main


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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