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Re: Virus bot bounces

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 12:46:11PM +0100, Mark M wrote:
| s. keeling schreef:
| >Incoming from support@alcanet.com.au:
| >
| >>******************** e-mail Manager Notification ********************** 
| >>
| >>As a security precaution this mail was blocked and discarded since it
| >
| >Grrr.  Can we pass a law that says all these virus checker programs
| >have to insert an X-Virus-Bot: header into their bounces?!?  How do we
| >change the RFC?
| Perfect! Excellent Idea! Soem do that BTW, but no standard has been setup.
| Where do we start?

You start with people actually following the RFCs.  Without that, you
are at their mercy (and they at yours) and all does what is right in
his own sight.

At any rate, assuming you have bandwidth to spare, you can use local
measures such as pattern matching and/or bayesian classification to
automatically eliminate such rubbish from your inbox.


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