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Re: MDA (was: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others)

On 2004-01-30, Thorsten Haude penned:
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> Moin,
> * Katipo wrote (2004-01-30 09:00):
>>Procmail is definitely worth looking at.
> If you like Sendmail, you'll *love* Procmail. For other people, try a
> software which looks less like line noise.
> I started using Maildrop for real a couple of weeks ago and I am quite
> impressed. Nothing from my previous Mail::Audit script it couldn't
> handle with little effort.

I still use procmail for some stuff, but for most of my filtering rules,
I use tmda.  Its filter rules are extremely easy to read *and* write.
The only caveat is that tmda acts as a challenge/response system by
default, so if you don't want that functionality, you need to set
ACTION_INCOMING to something other than the default in ~/.tmda/config.


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