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RE: Email client programs

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> From: Ben Yau [mailto:byau@cardcommerce.com]
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> > From: Nate Duehr [mailto:nate@natetech.com]

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> > Neither POP3 nor IMAP nor anything else will fix a problem at the
> > network level.  This seems obvious.  Either the network works well, or
> > it doesn't.  Applications at layer 7 of the OSI model suffer when the
> > lower layers don't operate correctly.
> >
> However, here's something which may work.  Configure your MS OE
> to "Leave a
> copy of messages on server" (this is in the Tools->Accounts->Advanced).
> This way, it won't delete.  What happens is when you download messages,
> outlook remembers (I don't know how )the last message you
> downladed so when
> you go back to download more messages, it won't download anything it has
> already downloaded.
> Then you configure the "Delete messages on server after [blank] days" or
> "Delete messages when moved to Deleted" and that is how to clean the
> messages off the server.

To follow up on my own post, I tried this with my outlook and it did work as
far as downloading.  Have not tried the delete stuff yet.  I did the "Leave
copy of messages on server" and then started downloading.  I had 220
messages in my inbox . I stopped the download after about 40 messages were
downloaded.  I then did Send/Receive and the number of messages to download
had gone down to 180.  The issue then is just the cleanup part of this.
(whether you want to do it manually on the server or configure it in
outlook.  I don't know how well the delete config works on outlook).

Hope that helps
Ben Yau

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