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Re: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others

On 29 Jan 2004, "Ian Perry" <iperry@inertia.com.au> wrote in
> I know this question is subjective to personal preferences....  Is
> there an advantage to exim over sendmail or vice versa for ease of
> setup/maintenance etc ?  I would be interested in comments from
> those who have used both. 
> Is there something better than either of them ?

I've used sendmail when I was new with a Redhat install.  I switched
to postfix largely because it was essentially a "drop in"
replacement for sendmail (only half true, you still need to learn
the config files, but there is good documentation in the config

When I recently switched to debian, I stuck with postfix.  One of my
favorite things about debian is how easy it was to replace exim (the
distribution default mailer) with postfix: 
  apt-get install postfix exim-
the postfix installer asks you a few questions and its up and

If you are using woody, I would suggest you go with a newer version.
 2.18-1 is in testing and compiles pretty easily. 

The two things I like the most about postfix is it's still seeing
new features and it is very robust.  There are developer snapshots
(which the author uses every day in his production environment) if
you want to try out the newer features (like greylisting and
automatic connection dynamic limiting which they are calling anvil. 

With the recent outbreak of MyDoom, I've been hearing very good
reports about postfix dealing with very heavy loads.  One person in
the postfix mailing list reported receiving (and rejecting) more
then 2 million MyDoom payloads in 1 day.  That's more performance
then I will ever need here at home :) 

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