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G5 Xserver or Sun Blade 1500

I am a newbee in the workstation /server world.
I am going to buy hardware to do biological modelling involving data
input/output, R programming (an statistical language) and a few graphics
visualization (some GIS).
I would prefer to run debian on whatever I buy.
I have some :)) money for this project (ca.4500 euros) and I am  unable to
decide myself what would be the best solution: an apple Xserver dual G5 2GHz
or an Sun Blade 1500 Worksation.
Both are the same price but. Here are the specs of each:
Sun Blade 1500 Workstation
1 1-GHz UltraSPARC IIIi Processor
1-MB On-Chip L2 Cache
Sun XVR-600 Graphics Accelerator
1-GB Memory
1 80-GB 7200 RPM IDE Disk Drive
1 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Port
7 USB Ports
2 IEEE 1394 Ports
2 Serial Ports
1 Parallel Port
5 PCI Slots
16x DVD-ROM Drive
Smart Card Reader
Solaris 8 HW 5/03 Operating System Pre-Installed

Xserver G5
Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
 1GB DDR400 ECC SDRAM - 2x512
 80GB ADM (1x80GB Serial ATA)
 Mac OS X Server, Unlimited License

Which are the cons and pros of each setup?
As far as I understand the Xserver would be more easy to upgrade and better
for databases and the blade system more powerful, particularly for the
graphics (which are not the main difficulty of my project). Is this correct
or does the higher Hz of the Dual G5 mean it is much faster than the

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