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Re: Re: resolv.conf file

The following change in /etc/dhclient-script will strip the \000 from the domain line in resolv.conf

make_resolv_conf() {
#  echo search $new_domain_name >/etc/resolv.conf
 echo search $new_domain_name | sed -e 's/\\000$//' >/etc/resolv.conf

Richard Black

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On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 13:06, Victory wrote:
I setup my machine as a dhcp client, once in a while it add 000 to the end of search entry in "resolv.conf" file i.e "search mydomain.com\000" and it causing machine can not
ping other machine by name,
Where're these number 000 come from and how do to protect it
from doing it again ???

You're probably on a network that has a Windows machine running as the
DHCP server. If that's the case I know that pump (apt-get install pump)
will handle the information correctly and strip the \000 from the end.
dhclient may have some way of getting around it, but I just use pump if
I'm in a Windows environment.

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