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Re: Remove my name from display!

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 06:31, taisto.kesseli@sci.fi wrote:
> I request you to remove my name from public "mockering-list" of yours
> immediately.
> It has been on display for several years by now, and should be enough
> to satisfy
> your sick sense of humour. I give you 14 days to remove my name from
> the a.m. list.
> Should you have some doubt of what I.m referring to, just seek with
> Google
> for "Taisto Kesseli", and you will find the referenced item (private
> email by nature).
> (I just wonder how such an honourable organisation as yours,
> humiliates private
> persons in this way keeping real names on public mocking list for
> years?!  Or
> is it just an individual within the organisation behaving recklessly?)

I assume you are talking about:

and the Reply:

Well, since this is a community project, all communications on the
Mailing Lists that are a part of Debian, either real messages, SPAM or
VIAGRA advertisements being sent to the list are all there.

The Archiving of these message are there to make them easily
search-able. All messages, these lists are PUBLIC. Plainly stated on:

<<<----Snippet from Mailing Lists description---->>>
Disclaimer / Privacy policy / Legal information
The mailing lists are public forums.

All emails sent to the lists are distributed both to the list
subscribers and copied to the public archive, for people to browse or
search without the need to be subscribed.

Furthermore, you can browse our mailing lists as Usenet newsgroups. It
can be done using a web interface, like Google or Gmane.

There may be other places where lists are distributed -- please make
sure you never send any confidential or unlicensed material to the
lists. This includes things like e-mail addresses. Of particular note is
the fact that spammers, viruses, worms etc have been known to abuse
e-mail addresses posted to our mailing lists.

Debian maintains the mailing lists in good faith and will take steps to
curb all noticed abuse and maintain uninterrupted normal service. At the
same time, Debian is not responsible for all mailing list posts or
anything that may happen in relation to them.
<<<----End of Snippet---->>>

They also mention another URL for the Disclaimer:


<<<----Snippet from Disclaimer with spelling errors---->>>
Disclaimer for the Debian mailing lists
Our mailing lists are public forums, and our mailing list archives are

By sending an email to such a public forum, you agree to public
distribution of your article. All mails sent to any of our mailing lists
(and to the bug tracking system) will be publically distributed and
archived in our mailing list archives.

Any emails sent by any one person directly to the list, or replies by
others to those emails sent to the list, are considered published, in
accordance with the United States law.

Obviously the author still owns the copyright to the content of these
emails that they have written. However, that does not mean that the
Debian Project is under obligation to remove them from a list archive
once published. Several legal counsels have reviewed this stance and
confirmed it is correct.

The mailing list archives have been public well before you sent a
message to that mailing list address. You are responsible for
determining who it is you are sending your email to. You cannot send
email to arbitrary recipients and expect that they are automatically
forced into accepting your terms for receiving your email.
<<<----End of Snippet from Disclaimer---->>>

So, I am afraid you are out of luck fine Sir.
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