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Re: sound weirdness

> What might cause xmms to go from audibly playing a song to seemingly
> playing a song (progress bar moving, lines bouncing up and down as the
> song plays) without producing any actual sound?
> I was fiddling with installing/deinstalling alsa, esd, and other fun
> toys at the time, so I'm not exactly sure what I did.  It seems like
> alsa "shouldn't" affect the situation, as I never specified any sound
> modules for it, and as near as I can tell, esd's only effect is to cause
> xmms to squawk that /dev/dsp is busy.
> This is on a brand spanking new debian install -- used a netinstall cd
> and upgraded to unstable from there.

Two possiblities come to mind:

- The standard advice is to open KMix and make sure you don't have 
whatever channel xmms uses turned all the way down.

- You don't say if you're running KDE, but on my KDE box I have a choice 
at any time between aRts and non-aRts sound.  Usually I leave aRts on, 
and then I get sound from my KDE apps.  But if I want sound from a non-
aRts app, I have to go into the Control Center and turn aRts off (Sound 
& Multimedia -> Sound System -> aRts -> Start aRts sound server on KDE 
startup).  It's pretty annoying, but there you have it.

Good luck,

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