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Few Questions...

Hello Debian User,

I am using GNOME and Debian woody updated from unstable distro. When I
right click on the date and time (displayed at the right-top of the
GNOME) I got error:

"Failed to locate a program for configuring the date and time. Perhaps
none is installed?"

What kind of program should I install? Because my computer date is more
advance 1 day...

I try install GAIM-gnome. At the unstable ver, it wont allow me to
install because there is unresolve dependency taht has not been fixed. 
I change my apt to get stable ver and install GAIM-gnome allong with its
dependencies, installation completed without error. But when I run
"gnome_applet" from terminal, I got this error:

Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
** WARNING **: Cannot activate a panel object
** WARNING **: Cannot start CORBA 
Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

Is there any way I can use/recompile propper GAIM? What alternative I
have except GAIM (for msn, yahoo and ICQ together)

I got an Ricoh SCSI CD-RW, old version. The 'discover' program
succesfully detect the hardware and load the propper modules for it. But
in GNOME, any cd (cd audio or files) wont auto-load even I instaled
software for auto mounting (discover)

What should I do to make my scsi cdrw auto load?



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