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Re: stopping exim4 from hanging on startup with no network

On (29/01/04 00:32), Micha Feigin wrote:
> I have exim4 setup on a laptop, thus the network isn't always available
> when the system starts up.
> The problem is that when the network isn't found it hangs for about a
> minute before it gives up and lets the boot process continue which is
> very annoying. I think it is hanging on trying to connect to the
> smarthost but I'm not sure.
> Any way to tell it to do that in the background, avoid the check on
> startup or give up faster?
Hi Micha

Is it only when searching for the network?  Since upgrading to exim4, I
experience a long delay during "starting MTA" in the boot sequence.
This is on a desktop permanently connected with a manually assigned IP

It's a minor irritation, because reboots are infrequent but on a laptop,
it must be a "pain in the *ss"



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