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Re: The threat to our national security

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 04:09:02AM -0700, John M. Purser wrote:
> Yep.  Kind of amazing.  Thanks for the post.

what I'm about to say is related, in a stream of consciousness way...

On CNBC today an analyst said Microsoft could lose 100% of its server 
business to Linux and it would only be a penny and a half of revenue -- 
out of something like 34 cents.  They said it wouldn't matter to their 
financials a bit.

I myself worked at Microsoft until one year ago today.  I set out to 
switch my life to Linux in Feb.  I'm a content monkey.

But I still have my registered XP Pro partition I bought from the 
company store for $30 -- the price the market *should* bear for the 
quality -- were this a different world.

Longhorn will be out approximately two years from this coming spring.
If I can choose to avoid paying retail for it in twenty aught six,
then I will know the worm has turned.

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