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Re: Recommended ISP's

Quoting Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca>:
> You're sharing bandwidth, as in, the same spectrum on the cable line.
> If you sit on your cable modem with a packet sniffer, you'll see
> broadcasts for the IP subnet you're on and packets destined for you
> only.  Watch the light on the modem flicker, and it doesn't coincide
> with anything else.  Meanwhile, DSL, you're just fighting for
> bandwidth with all the other DSL users that's left over after all the
> customers with gauranteed bandwidth (t1, t3, etc) have had their fill.

Please give instructions on how this is done.  I have heard alleged by
some people.  I have also heard acknowledged experts in the field say
it is not (or no longer) possible.  I have put the NIC on my cable
modem in promiscuous mode and saw nothing but my own traffic.

There may be a way to hack the cable modem itself to be in promiscious
mode, but I haven't heard anyone give any good explanation of this.

In anycase, it is pointless paranoia.  A much more plausible scenario
is a disgruntled employee at any of the computers between you and the
destination sniffing packets.  Or someone hacking those

If the data is sensitive, encrypt it.  Especially if it goes through
computers you do not control.  I use SSH even on my home LAN.


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