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Re: Documentation and Usability was Re: EXT3 at install..no more?

On Saturday 17 January 2004 22:35, Kent West wrote:
> Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> >I honestly wonder how people who are as impolitic as the OP manage
> > to keep their day jobs. 
> Whereas the regulars, such as Monique above, are correct in what they
> say, I'd like to speak up in behalf of the OP.
> He's not been with us long, and doesn't yet understand the culture of
> this list. He got frustrated,
> Yes, he should have been more
> polite, but I think he's gotten the idea of our general feelings on
> the topic; now it's up to him to learn to "fit in".

Well, there you have it.  We are walking down the road in a town some of 
us know quite well, and others (me) much less well, and a visitor comes 
up and yells at us because the street signs are not clear enough for 
him.  Of course it's frustrating -- I've just given up time and time 
again: checked into a different hotel unable to find the one I booked, 
so to speak.  I generally find it another day (month).

But this has been a bad week for tempers here.  Quite a few rants and 
upsets.  Has anyone else wondered if it's seasonal?  Subject for a 
little paper, perhaps?  SUBTLE - Seasonal Usenet Bad Temper Loss 
Episodes... Climatic Recurring Influences on the Internet Community At 
Large (that's CRITICAL, in case the reason for the random word order 
wasn't obvious).

It must be bed-time...


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