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Re: Installing debian on a SATA hard drive

V Pá, 02. 01. 2004 v 11:05, Olivier Sirven píše:
> Hi
> I'm trying to install a debian on a serial ATA hard drive bu the kernel 
> version used with the woody installer is too old to see the sata disk. Any 
> idea to help me installing a debian on this disk ?

I have done it by installing it on IDE drive, compiling my own kernel,
changed /etc/fstab and /etc/lilo.conf, changed /dev/hda to /dev/hde
wherever I found it and cloned the whole system to SATA drive...

Anyway, just now I am trying to create sarge netinst CD with 2.4.23
kernel with SATA support and if I'll be successfull (not very sure about
it) I'll post it on the list.


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