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Re: Questions on finding Gnome and Xsession, etc.

Stephen Liu wrote:

Hi folks,

Gnome seems case-sensitive???
everything is.

Which pair executables starting GNOME???
a) /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome

b) /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome

c) /etc/gdm/Sessions/Gnome

Everything you find in /etc has to do with configuration files, not executables.

Have a look at the file system: http://www.faqs.org/docs/linux_intro/sect_03_01.html scroll down to section 3.1/3.2. You get better at finding stuff if you know where to look.

Gnome is started by /usr/bin/gnome-session. On the command line you type
"startx /usr/bin/gnome-session" .


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