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Re: Procmail recipe for Nitwit unsubscribers who can't read DU sigs.

Don't pipe to /dev/null just yet -- I've had five false positives since implementing it this morning!

I can provide procmail log entries (although not the actual emails -- I /dev/null-ed prematurely) if you'd like. I'm going to leave the filter in place, but pipe them to a folder instead so that I can debug.

Matthew Whitworth

s. keeling wrote:

FYI, procmail users: This appears to work fairly well so far; fwiw:

# ------------------------------------
# inept mailing list (un)su[b]?scribe attempts, and "vacation" dorks.
:0 HB
* 1^0 ()(I will be out of the office|I will respond to your message when I return\.)
* 1^0 ^Subject:.*(un)?su(b)?(s)?cribe
* 1^0 $ ^^${SPCNL}*(un)?su(b)?scribe
* -1^0 ^Subject:.*Re:
 LOG="(Un)?subscriber - "

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