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Re: Problems with Static network configuration

> Hi all-
> Recently moved our unofficial debian server into a proper lab up
> at work.  Used to have it set up as DHCP (without any troubles),
> but the networking people have given us a range of static IP's
> on our own interal subnet, so I'm trying to stick the server on
> one of those so we have a little better guarantee that IP
> address won't change.
> Anyway, ever since I've configured it for static IP address, the
> network interface has been going down constantly (like more than
> once daily).  I've tried to mitigate this problem by writing a
> simple "monitor / bounce" script which will detect (as best as I
> can tell) when the network interface goes down and then try to
> ifdown / ifup it (twice actually, because the first time nothing
> actually happens).
> This one has been driving me nuts, and I can't think of anything
> appropriate to google for, so I was hoping to get some feedback
> from people here.
> Symptom is: in the morning you can't connect (ssh / http) to the
> PC.  Solution: Walk over and type "ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth0" ...
> get message "SIOC** something error" (sorry, didn't write it
> down, will post again when I get ) ... so do ifdown / ifup
> again, and network interface comes back up.
> Other diagnostics are that the ifconfig output "loses" the line
> that tells your ip address (the inet addr line) but still keeps
> the line that says "UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST etc..."
> Attached are what little information that I have.  I really do
> appreciate any responses or ideas on where to look (found this
> lkml message, might have some clues, but I don't know 
> http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/linux/linux-kernel/2001-06/0917.html)
> Thanks!
> --Robert

Another long shot (especially considering the errors) but I think Linux might 
exhibit this kind of behaviour if another machine attempts to use/steal its 
IP address. Correct me if I'm wrong...!


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