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Re: unsubscribe

> unsubscribe
> > 
> > how mane times do I have to send this email.
> How long is a piece of string?
> -- 
> Please don't CC me.  Also _please_ read the following before 

I think we've been through this before: twice as long as from one end 
to the middle...but the answer to his question is really: no more 
times. It's sent, can't be sent again. If he is speaking about 
sending a similar e-mail, the answer is no more times too; nobody is 
forcing him to send anything. If the answer is to be for the unasked 
question "How many more times do I have to send this e-mail in order 
to actually get unsubscribed from this list." The answer is also no 
more times; this is the wrong place to be sending a request to get 
unsubscribed from this list.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds 

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