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Re: Please suggest a mobo for >4 IDE drives.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 09:57:47PM -0500, Johann Koenig wrote:
> On Wednesday December 31 at 06:47pm
> Scarletdown <gsutton9503@charter.net> wrote:
> > Ramasubramanian Ramesh wrote:
> > > Paul,
> > > 
> > > the worlds of RAID as opposed to leading to 5+drives on the same
> > > mobo. To make sure that the real intention comes out, I simply
> > > abandoned the first one and started a new one.  This ways the
> > > subject line is clearer - I do not care for the RAID but want
> > > another set of IDE controller/host.
> > 
> > 
> > Alternatively, why not simply stick a SCSI controller in the system? 
> > That way you can have up to 11 devices (4 IDE and 7 SCSI).
> If it's a 68pin model (like my Adaptec 2940UW) you can put on much more
> than that. The 68 and 80 pin interface will take up to 14 devices, so
> there are several possible configurations:
> n 68pin external/m 68pin internal (where n+m <= 14) 
> n 68pin external|internal/ m 50pin internal (where n+m <=14 and n <= 7)

...not to mention that the old 50-pin (8-bit bus width) SCSI controllers are
dead slow by today's standards, as are the 50-pin drives. Don't omit to shop
around as the price variations on SCSI gear are much greater than for IDE.

And with the facility to connect so many drives you can gain your drive
capacity by collecting relatively small second-hand SCSI drives and using LVM.


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