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Re: dpkg segfaults

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 10:41:43PM -0800, Lone Iguana wrote:
> Whenever I try to install or configure a package with dpkg it
> segfaults. This includes when it is launched from apt-get. The place
> where it crashes is not predictable.

If it does _any_ time you uses dpkg, it probably means the dpkg program
is corrupted, probably due to a media corruption or a filesystem
corruption.  Every Debian installation uses dpkg and we would probably
notice such a problem.  See badblocks(8), try to reinstall.  If it has
problem only in some specific package, it probably is a dpkg bug--file a
bug report then.  But as many people do install perl without problems,
it would be very useful if you traced the bug.  At least, have the core
dumped and save it (``ulimit -c 999999'' to enable core dumping).

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