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Re: woody: devpts, pppd, and kernel-2.6: failed connection to /dev/pts/0

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 15:48, Mario Vukelic wrote:

> After compiling 2.6.0 w/o devpts, I found out that ppp still times out,
> although it tries to connect vi /dev/ttyp0, as it did with my old
> kernel. Now I'm completely lost.

Seems I'm the only one that cares for me ;o)

Strangely, further experiments showed that ppp works with the 2.4.22
kernel image provided by Adrian Bunk, although it uses devpts. I guess
the same would be true for the stock Debian 2.4-kernel.

So I think I get this narrowed down to an issue with devpts in kernel
2.6 or the 2.6 image from backports.org.

I still have the prob that I have no mouse (both gpm and in X using
/dev/input/mice in XF86Config-4 as I've always done) with the
self-compiled kernel that has always worked, although the mouse again
works with Adrian Bunk's image.

I have absolutely no idea why this can be.

Any takers for one of these issues?

regards, M

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