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Re: mplayer and audio

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 02:37:43PM -0500, D Hoyem wrote:
> From: Gustavo Halperin <gustavoh@technion.ac.il>
> >  My mplayer like simple user can't open de audio device, only like root.
> >With other aplications like xmms all is ok. Also have added a simple user
> >in the audio group (in file /etc/group).

The group priviledges allocation is done by login/xdm/sshd/other venues
to log in the system--the log-in program looks in the `/etc/group',
still as a priviledged user, and while changing their id to the user
being logged, it assumes as many group ids as it has found in that file.
The point is you have to relogin both in console and in X after any
changes made in the `/etc/group' for them to take an effect.  In your
old sessions you retain the rights, be it for less or more.  (Using the
Unix groups for access management has other major flaws, however: e.g.
once the user belongs in the group, she can create an sgid executable,
which she can use to regain the group priviledges any time later.)

> >  Any idea what can be the problem ??
> >By the way I'm using Woody revision 1 and also the Nas server audio.

In mplayer, the output audio device is chosen either on the commandline
(``-vo <something>''; ``-vo help'' to list the possibilities), or in
`~/.mplayer.conf' & `/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf' (the first takes
precedence, at least so the installment scrips say).  Check whether
mplayer really uses the NAS or whatever you'd like it to use.

I'm not quite familiar with NAS, but looking at its configs and/or
/proc/`pidof nas`/fd/ should give you an idea about which devices does
your NAS use.

Try to relogin, and assure mplayer and those other apps use the NAS

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