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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2003 #4093

> Note that on boot now, I get a warning something like:
> ext2 loader warning, ext3 superblock ..... mounted ext3, filesystem ext2.
> Besides this, runs perfectly and survived one switch off with a flawless 

<did you define it in fstab as ext3?  what is the exact message, because
the approximation you give sounds like it is not mounted as ext3

Both fstab and mtab have it listed as ext3,ext2

Here is the message from dmesg | grep ext3:
EXT2-fs warning (device ide0(3,65)): ext2_read_super: mounting ext3 filesystem 
as ext2
This is before the read-only VFS mount for checking.

Do I need to change something in LILO as well?

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