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Excahnge data between NTFS and Linux partitions

I have dual booting system:  XP with NTFS and Debian unstable with ext2 file
This is Acer Travelmate notebook. Network and internet connections are not
available usually.

1. How to allow non-root user to read XP partition ?

I added a line to /etc/fstab :

/dev/hda1  /xp ntfs  users,uid=andrus,exec,rw,suid,umark=0777

Unfortunately, only root can access to xp directory.
User andrus does not have access to /xp directory. Why ?

2. How to write to NTFS partition from Linux ?

The fstab line above mounts /xp as read only !

3. How to read and write ext2 partition from Windows XP ?

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