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Re: floppy mount and msdos

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 at 20:17 GMT, Debian User penned:
> At Monday, 22 December 2003, Debian User <debian-user@zerocrossings.
> com> wrote:
>>i am interested in moving a tar ball from a windows 2000 machine to my
>>non-networked linux machine ... kernel 2.2.20. the floppy is listed in
>>fstab as:
>>/dev/fd0    /floppy   auto    user,noauto    0    0
>>at the shell prompt, mount displays:
>>/dev/fd0 on /floppy type msdos (rw)
>>looks good, right?
>>i copied the g-zipped tarball onto the floppy at the windows machine.
>>i list the contents at the shell prompt when i put the floppy into the
>>linux machine and a whole lot of attempts to access beyond the end of
>>the device errors are reported.
>>is something missing from the kernel to support the windows ftype?
> hmm ... i deleted the mount entry from /etc/mtab and mounted the
> device again. looks like it works this time. umount -f ... would not
> unmount the device however.

If the floppy is fat-formatted, a workaround might be to use the mtools
(mdir and friends) ...


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