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Challenge to the debian community: ethernet controller doesn't work in debian but in: SuSE, Fedora, Gentoo !!


I don't believe it:

my Dell onboard ethernet controller can't be configured in Debian Sarge but
runs smoothly in Suse, Fedora an Gentoo-Live and Knoppix...

and I cannot find or get help in Usenet and via google ??

Come on, debian community: take that chalenge !

installed , for my first Debian try, Debian Sarge from the "LinuxUser"
magazine's DVD. After some hurldles it worked but:
did'nt configure any network card, (and following eth0 etc.)

When I try to configure with modconf from the debian sarge set, I don't know
which driver to choose, and try-and-error with this long list of drivers
didn't help and doesn't make sense...

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with a ethernet controller onboard, and the
system info tool in kde detects:
"Ethernet controller : Intel Corp.: Unknown device 1050 (rev02)
 Subsystem : Dell Computer Corp. Unknown device 0157"

"lspci -v" shows the controller the same way as in Suse and the others...


Can anyone help ?


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