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Re: Name resolution on Debian/Windows network

Monique Y. Herman wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 at 22:01 GMT, Jeffrey Barish penned:
>> I have 3 computers on my home network.  The Windows machines are
>> connected to each other using ICS.  I can ping one Windows machine
>> from another Windows machine simply by naming the destination:
>> ping windowsB
>> from machine windowsA will elicit a response.  I can also ping my
>> Linux machine from a Windows machine by name:
>> ping linuxA
>> from machine windowsA will elicit a response.  However, I cannot ping
>> one of the Windows machines by name from the Linux machine, only by
>> IP
>> number.  I get the message 'unknown host windowsA.'  I am using DHCP
>> to assign IP numbers on the network, so it is important that I be
>> able
>> to reach machines by name as the IP numbers change.  I'm not even
>> sure where to start looking to resolve this problem, so any guidance
>> would be appreciated.
> I think this "pingability" comes from smb?  On a windows machine, once
> you've accessed a machine using smb (windows file sharing), I believe
> the sharing name of the computer becomes accessible for network
> utilities.
> I could be totally wrong; this is just what I (believe I have)
> observed on a windows-and-linux network.
Interesting theory, but the machines are connected via smb.  Thanks for
the suggestion, though.
Jeffrey Barish

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