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Re: Some nagging problems

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On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 12:58:44PM +0200, David Baron wrote:
> 1. locate -- its database is old. How does one update it?

cron should be taking care of this automatically.  Do you shut off
your machine when you're not using it?  If so, go install anacron so
all the stuff cron can't do because the machine's not on gets run when
it does come back up.

> 2. Adobe acrobat reader -- installed is 4.05, yuk! I have a 5.08 but haven't
> the foggiest on how to install it--documentation just says run the script
> and that needs arguments. Apt-get lists 4.05 as up to date.

acroread considered harmful.  Just use one of the pdf viewers found in

> 3. ADSL works great now. However I do get disconnects, sometimes often,
> sometimes not. "persist" is set is the providers file (and elsewhere). What
> else?

Ethernet is plenty capable of running TCP/IP without the help of
PPPoE; and in a subscriber line situation, all the authentication can
be done just as readily without hassling users with PPPoE.  So think
about why they do it: If they oversell their network, they can drop
connections on the users who have been on the longest.  Strongly
consider switching your ISP to one that at least isn't so obvious in
their attempts to screw their customers.

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