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RE: xtree for Linux

> From: Paul Johnson
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 07:52:20AM -0800, Gruessle wrote:
> > Somebody told me about a software like xtree gold (msdos software)
> > I used it before but I don't recall it's name or how to install it.
> Holy cow!  Someone else has heard of that!  I thought I was the only
> person who had a copy.  Mine came with my original computer.  A Vendex
> Headstart II my parents got me, an 8088 with a whopping 640kb of RAM,
> eye-bleeding CGA graphics, a Logitech 3 button bus mouse, and a 101
> key ps/2 keyboard.
> You want mc.

I got mc  :)
But I think xTree Gold was better :))


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