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Re: xtree for Linux

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 08:31:40AM -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
   > Haines Brown wrote:
   > >>Somebody told me about a software like xtree gold (msdos software)
   > >>I used it before but I don't recall it's name or how to install it.
   > >>
   > >>xTree Gold is a dos based program where you can have two folders side by
   > >>side and work with them, like copy move etc.
   > >
   > >
   > >I suppose most replies to your question will recommend mc, which is a
   > >clone of Peter Norton's Midnight Commander. 
   > >
   > >If you are more keyboard or emacs-oriented, you can configure emacs to
   > >appear as two side-by-side windows. This I prefer to mc, for several
   > >reasons. 
   > >
   > >However, I use an application named FileCommander. The reason is that
   > >I need process a large number of files quickly, and I've resigned
   > >myself to the use of a mouse for that. FileCommander does the job very
   > >well, although I doubt anyone else will mention  it.
   > >
   > >Haines Brown   
   > >
   > >
   > I did not know about that one, but I did not find a download for Linux, 
   > only NT and OS/2.
If mc like functionality and X interface are required, I would suggest
emelfm. Just apt-get it.


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