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Re: right kernal for AMD

"Gruessle" <debian@orces.com> writes:

> How do I find out what the right image is for a AMD 700?
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-bf2.4
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-1-686
> 386, 586, k6 and k7 systems

That's an Athlon chip, right?  Probably 2.4.18-1-k7 is the "best"
pick, since it also includes a patch for the recent local-root exploit
that affected Debian, and it's the closest match for your processor.
-386 should always work, though.

(ObNitpick: AFAIK, only the Commodore 64 had a "kernal"; you could
install VICE to get one.  :p  JSR $FFD2, baby!)

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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