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RE: Web server Partitions

> With that in mind, I would divy up your drive as follows
> (the following assumes that the server doesn't have any major mail
> server roles (/var/), that /usr/local/ will be free of anything major,
> that there's no NFS mounting, and that the server will run a database
> that will keep things somethere in /lib/, and that /home/ will stay
> mostly free of general user files.
> /	- 10 GB
> /home/	- 20 GB
> /lib/	- 2 GB
> /var/	- 1 GB
> /tmp/	- 5 GB
> swap	- 2 GB

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 17:52, Braxton Neate wrote:
> I have separate directories for each website but they are in /var.
> Is there any particular reason why you have yours in /home? I tend to
> keep /home strictly for users home directory's. There isn't many users
> that will have shell access, but my home directory is usually quite
> large 3=).
> The plan is that all development of code for websites will be done by a
> user in there shell account uploaded to CVS and then when it is ready it
> will be deployed in /var/www or /var/www2 etc.
> I currently have 1GB of swap space which seams sufficient, 2GB seems a
> bit excessive. I was told that the rule of thumb is double the amount of
> physical RAM.
> My main concern is running out of space in a partition once everything
> is setup and running. So I want to be sure before I go ahead. It's a
> shame that there isn't a tool for Linux like Partition Magic. I have
> always been to freaked out to resize partitions on an existing
> installation of Linux.
> What do people think about the following:
> / - 7GB
> /usr - 10GB
> /home - 10GB
> /var - 10GB
> /tmp - 1.5GB
> SWAP - 1.5GB

I suspect my requirements are slightly different to yours. About five sites
are 'root' sites. That is, sites developed by company staff. The rest (and there's
more than a few) are generic websites that we host for various people, varying
from simple .html and jpeg types in ~/public_html/ to php/mysql wonders with
proper domains. The only other things that appear in home directories are the mbox files
for the IMAP servers (something I wish I'd actually thought about). Most people have
shell access, but few use it.

Given your development method, I see nothing wrong with the way you intend to do.

Your partition seems fine, although it's probably not worth having such a large / partition
if you are going to separate out /usr/. Without /var, /usr, /home, and /tmp, the entire / partition
will probably weigh in at less than 40 MB, unless you have some truly large files in /etc/.


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