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OT-Make more noise.

All you guys who complain about not being able to purchase computers that can run Linux..... Why are you complaining to each other? You send an occasional complaint to a vendor or manufacturer which is ignored. Make it a mass mailing, form letter or whatever. Make it known that it's not just a few Linux users out there.......it's world wide....many thousands..

If you had something that you'd like your representative or senator to propose to Congress, what would be the best way to contact him/her, letters from a few individuals or a a multitude of petitions signed by many constituents.? Use the same approach with computer vendors and manufacturers. Make it a coordinated effort so that the mail floods the recipients' mailboxes and not just one time but many times.. The way it is now, there's really not much incentive for dealers and manufacturers to cater to Linux users because their voices are too weak .The number of Linux users just seems too small so there's not much reaon to sell anything but Windows.and it's not worth ($$$$) the effort to test for Linux compatibility and advertise it., whether it's just one flavor of Linux or more than one.
Make a noise that cannot be ignored..
If just one computer is advertised as guaranteed to be compatibile with just one Linux system, how long will it be before there'll be computers guaranteed to be compatible with any Linux system?
alex .

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