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Re: Orphaning of Firebird RDBMS

W liście z pon, 15-12-2003, godz. 18:01, John L. Fjellstad pisze: 
> Thanks for the quick reply. Does the fact I'm on a dial-up and probably won't 
> be tracking unstable make any difference?  I have a system where I run 
> stable, and I try to track testing as well as possible on my workstation, but 
> I'm still a couple of weeks behind testing.

You need some kind of Debian/unstable environment to be able to compile
and test your packages. Compilation in stable or testing is not
acceptable (if you ever want to upload a package).

But I think if you should be able to use eny of your existing stations
to do this. Just run:
	apt-get install debootstrap
	debootstrap sid /my/new/chroot

this will download (only!) ~100MB of packages and install sid/unstable
system in /my/new/chroot. You can then
	chroot /my/new/chroot
into it and use it pretty much like a separated system (apt-get all the
updates and packages you need).

[ Sidenote: You'll want to do some standard configuration of a chroot ]
[ env. like installing dchroot and putting your usual user/group info ]
[ into /my/new/chroot/etc/{passwd|group} (don't copy!!!) and using:   ]
[ mount --bind /home/$myuser /my/new/chroot/home/$myuser. etc....     ]

This way:
1) you don't have to move whole machine to unstable/sid
2) you don't have to download (and then periodically update) a whole
system with X window and all the stuff (which can be hundreads of
megabytes per month) - but only as much - as is needed to maintain
your packages for unstable.

I think it should be doable, even with a modem. Bootstrap can be kind of
a pain but it should be much easier later.

If you have further questions - ask.


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: Good advice about using unstable - before doing update/upgrade
- it's wise to check topics on #debian and #debian-devel in
irc.debian.org for informations what is currently seriously broken (and
you shouldn't upgrade to it) and what got fixed.

Grzegorz B. Prokopski <gadek@debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux      http://www.debian.org
SableVM - LGPLed JVM  http://www.sablevm.org

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