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Re: OT. Message to all computer vendors.

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

> Whenever I call and ask I always make sure to have the salesman ask
> his supervisor.  Failing that, I ask to personally speak to the
> supervisor.

when calling on the phone, how do you know its the "supervisor"
as opposed to their partner/buddy on next to them ?
	- if its a supervisor, i say they can do stuff the
	1st round of folks couldnt do on their computer
 	like to get an okay for refund ... etc

why is it that the "supervisor" is never around at networksolutions 
to manage the clueless crew ??
	- i once called um, and got 5 DIFFERENT reasons why one
	of my domains was dead ... or why i couldnt renew it
> > In my opinion, a form letter will not have as much impact as a number of

form letters will NOT do any good ... if they're reading it ..
it looks ad says the same thing ( same sentence, same paragraph, same
phrase ) as the one they just read ...

> If the received 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 letters (boilerplate
> or not) saying "I want to buy your products, but I won't until you
> offer Linux support/OS-less machines/whatever," they will get their
> butts in gear.

and how many times did you buy those PCs at the local pc store
that had that pre-installed os ??
	- they wont remove it ... 
	- its in their silly marketing/license agreement w/ the monopoly

and you/we still keep buying it ..

and dell is/was purrfectly happy to have paid $1M to have sold
"used/returned"  PCs as brandnew ... they settled out of court ... was in
the press..
	- and they are still doing it ... sending out "used parts" as new
	( since i go to these various customers that got "new parts"
	( from dell... and sure enuff ... its recycled

	am sure all the big boyz play by the same rules, since its
	a $0.05 saving competitive market

i just buy new parts in its original box ... cpu/memory/disk/mb/case all
separately ... ( i dont buy anything online )
	- mostly from distributors ( not retail outlets )

> Take a cheap desktop system, US$ 1000, times even only 10,000 potential
> customers. 

new systems now days ... P4-2.4G is about $500 w/ free printer
and free 19" monitor ( dell/compaq/gateway/et.al )

eMachines is about $200 and slightly slower cpu, less memory, less disk

> If there is a company out there willing to reject out of
> hand US$ 10,000,000 in potential sales, their shareholders need to
> know about some major high-level mismanagement.

they're selling a million or so systems year... they dont care ...
about "few complaints" ...

- we sell pre-installed machines ( *nix only ) and about 0.05% are debian
  based boxes because the customers asked for it ...
	and we only sell linux variants
	( windoze pcs is down the street .. )

	rh/suse is following ms marketing/advertising sales strategy ...
	- no support after few months
	- sell buggy stuff on purpose to generate tech support calls
	- it's the same pr/ad agencies for them all ya know... 
	- ... on and on ..
	( i hope it backfires on them

- the folks selling MS ...
	- they pay (almost) pennies on the dollar for each MS they install
	( its in their contracts ... $25 or $10 range for Windoze-2K etc
	( oem version ... ever try to get hold of that Win2K "cdrom" you
	( supposedly paid for ??
		- sometimes, you have to pay extra for it (the real thing)

- other issue ... one has to test the system after its been assembled ..
	- 24 burn-in ... ( nobody really does it ... i dont think )
		- leaving the power on is NOT a 24hr burn in

	- install sw from hdc and install onto hda is a very good test
	that the system works

	- if you just run the system off "knoppix-like" cdrom,
	you havent tested the disk drive and its interface/timing

	- since the os is already installed, one might as well leave it

	- the big boyz done even power up the system .. :-)
	but the monopoly's os is installed ... ( at least the disk drive
	was written to )

fun stuff .... outsmart the 1,000lb gorilla or build a house to hold
up against the big bad wolf

c ya

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