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Re: Redhat to Debian conversion

Debian is harder to setup then redhat.
I've used both.
Just stay with redhat, you'll really appreciate debian after you've been
doing things for awhile. At first the Debian way will seem stupid.

Then some day you'll go aha, I see why they do it this way.
I think Debian rocks, but the hard part for me is not installing, it's
maintaining my existing farm of machines.
Read the howto installation documentation for installation.
Just select the default choices for everything on the Debian install.
The hardest part for debian is getting it to guess the network card.
Once you have that done, you are home free.
Once you get apt going you have pay-back.

If you are really having problems try installing libranet, it uses the
debian archives, so you can upgrade to debian, but it is designed to
auto-detect and configure everything for a desktop.
Libranet is 100% package compatible with debian.)
(Ok, ignore the exceptions, you know what I am talking about.)

Wish I could figure out how to install discover within the installer, so I
don't have the pry the case open to see what network card it has.

> I am new to Linux and for 2 1/2 days I been trying to install Debian.
> Well I have the very basics installed but that is really all I got.
> Now I have Redhat and that is easy to install.
> Somewhere I read that it is posible to convert a Redhat install to Debian.
> I am wondering if that is maybe easyer then installing Debian.
> And what are the good and bad points.
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