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Re: can't logout on consoles

On Sun, December 14 at 10:44 PM EST
Shawn Lamson <shawn.lamson@verizon.net> wrote:

>Hello -
>Recently I have experienced that when logging out on a console the
>message "logout" appears and the session hangs there.  The screen
>accepts keypresses and I can CTRL+ALT+F7 back to an XSession.  The
>logout just seems to hang indefinitely.  Happens on "exit" or "logout"
>for all users, including root.
>I don't recall this being related to any upgrade.  Anyone have a clue
>for me?

replying to my own post.  Still need help but at least I realized that
the problem is actually with the new getty (i think)... after the
"logout/exit" hangs for a while I will get a "ID 5: getty respawning too
fast stopping for 5 minutes" type of message.  If I mark the tty in
question "off" in inittab and run telinit q as root, then make it
"respawn" again and rerun telinit q - I often, but not always, get a
login back.  I get the "stall" no matter what user logs out, but it is
much worse on the console I use to startx.. I background X and logout,
this is the one that hangs irreparably.  

Still need help,

Shawn Lamson

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