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Re: eject won't work any more

Apparently, _Joan Tur_, on 12/14/03 16:07,typed:
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Es Diumenge 14 Desembre 2003 21:33, en H. S. va escriure:

Apparently, _Joan Tur_, on 12/14/03 15:29,typed:

After having removed all *knoppix* packages (I installed SID using
knoppix 3.2 and then changed to sid's repositories), eject won't work any

1) Do you belong to the "cdrom" group? If not add yourself to that
group. Then try  the eject command again. It that doesn't work, then

Yes, user belongs to the cdrom group.

2) what does "ls -l /dev/hdX" give? WHere "hdX" is your cdorm device?

It doesn't seem to be the problem:
- -----
root@quinipt:/dev# ll scd0
brw-rw----    1 root     cdrecording  11,   0 2001-05-31 04:22 scd0
root@quinipt:/dev# ll cdrom
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            9 2003-09-06 01:57 cdrom -> /dev/scd0
- -----

Any idea?  Thanks for your answer  ;)

Given the above ownership of scd0, the user should also belong to the "cdrecording" group. So either try adding this group to the user's groups, or try changing the ownership of the scd0 group to "cdrom" (instead of "cdrecording").

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