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Re: eject won't work any more

Apparently, _H. S._, on 12/14/03 15:33,typed:
This is a repost, the first one got screwed up, apologies.

Apparently, _Joan Tur_, on 12/14/03 15:29,typed:

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After having removed all *knoppix* packages (I installed SID using knoppix 3.2 and then changed to sid's repositories), eject won't work any more:

1) Do you belong to the "cdrom" group? If not add yourself to that group. Then try the eject command again. It that doesn't work, then
2) what does "ls -l /dev/hdX" give? WHere "hdX" is your cdorm device?

Sorry, that should have been "ls -l /dev/scd0" over there. BTW, yours is a scsi CD-ROM drive, right?


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