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Re: eject won't work any more

Apparently, _Joan Tur_, on 12/14/03 15:29,typed:
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After having removed all *knoppix* packages (I installed SID using knoppix 3.2 and then changed to sid's repositories), eject won't work any more:

1. as user.  When run witn "-v" parameter it shows like the following:
- -----
quini@quinipt:~$ eject -v
eject: using default device `/cdrom'
eject: device name is `/cdrom'
eject: expanded name is `/dev//cdrom'
eject: `/dev//cdrom' is a link to `/dev/scd0'
eject: `/dev/scd0' is mounted at `/mnt/cdrom'
eject: unmounting `/dev/scd0'
eject: `/dev/scd0' is not a multipartition device
eject: trying to eject `/dev/scd0' using CD-ROM eject command
eject: CD-ROM eject command failed
eject: trying to eject `/dev/scd0' using SCSI commands
eject: SCSI eject failed
eject: trying to eject `/dev/scd0' using floppy eject command
eject: floppy eject command failed
eject: trying to eject `/dev/scd0' using tape offline command
eject: tape offline command failed
eject: unable to eject, last error: Argumento inválido
- -----

So it unmounts the CD but doesn't eject it  8-?

2. As root.  The output is exactly the same, but it ejects the CD  8-??

No idea of what to do now.  Thanks in advance!!  ;)
- -- Joan Tur. Eivissa-Spain
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