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Re: Copy all desktop settings for a new user

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 02:04:36PM +0100, Philipp Schulte wrote:
> Brad Sims wrote: 
> > On Saturday 13 December 2003 3:41 am, Philipp Schulte wrote:
> > > I am sure somebody must have a solution for this. Thanks for any
> > > pointers.
> > 
> > Hrm try copying and chmoding as needed: .kde, .gnome, .gnome2, .vimrc, .bashrc.
> Doesn't work. It's not just the owner of a file, it's also the
> content. Yes, I know about sed. No, I don't think this would work
> either.

FWIW this approach works perfectly for me.
I cp -rL my dotfiles as root, chown root, chmod a+r them.
When I reimage, I cp them as my account.  This fixes the owner.
I think they still end up world-readable, but you can fix that.

I do it for these files:

desk:/mnt/apt/inst/dotfiles# ls
dot.fetchmailrc  dot.gnome           dot.gtkrc-1.2-gnome2  
dot.procmailrc    dot.xsession
dot.fluxbox      dot.gnome2          dot.gtkrc-2.0         dot.profile
dot.gbuffyrc     dot.gnome2_private  dot.kde               dot.qt
dot.gconf        dot.grun_history    dot.kderc             dot.xmms
dot.gconfd       dot.gtkrc           dot.muttrc            

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