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Re: My Debian box can't connect Internet


This is what started the sholw "consumers" threat. A common enough problem.
Maybe a hundred messages so far on this and related ADSL problems since I
got my Debian/Gnu/KDE installed. Still ... no ADSL.

A few things you might check though: What type of modem are you using? USB
ones need specific drivers, Ethernet connected ones do not. The USB driver
install (even if you are not using the hardware) may have better
documentation that might be useful. I just edited all the files as called
out by the manufacturer of my (non-USB) moden based on their documentation
(still not working). That network restart command--no one told me about that
one yet! Will save reboot times to test changes.

If you have saved messages, read throught these threads.

There must be something in that init.d directory that needs be called to log
on. This might be the only piece I am missing in this frustrating little

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