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Re: esd taking over /dev/dsp

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 07:52:59PM -0500, David Morse wrote:
| [was: stupid sound permission problem]
| Aha!  The real problem is that when user david runs ogg123 its from 
| within X, where "esd -nobeeps" is an fuser of /dev/dsp.  Uh, what's the 
| debian way of allowing these things to co-exist peacefully?

The problem lies in the hardware and the software interface to it.
You are probably using the OSS audio driver in the kernel.  The OSS
drivers only allow one process to use the device at a time.

One solution is a userspace daemon that accepts requests from
processes wishing to output sound, mix the sounds together into a
single waveform and write it to the hardware.  Both the GNOME and KDE
groups took this approach, separately, and created esd and artsd.
Naturally, if one process (namely esd) has the hardware, no other
process can use it (ogg123, xmms, realplayer, etc.).

Another solution is to use the new ALSA drivers.  They allow multiple
processes to access the hardware simultaneously.  This works for me on
the laptop at work (ESS Maestro card).  On my old SB Pro at home the
multiple-access isn't working, but I have briefly read of a (alsa)
solution to that but haven't tried it yet.


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