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Re: Connecting ADSL

Hi Tim, I am far from expert in this arena, but I have PPPoE working with my SNET DSL connection. I think I used dialup to grab the following tarball rr-pppoe-3.5.tar.gz. I also made sure I had ppp module and the modules for my ethernet cards and then it was
a matter of filling in blanks.  I wish you the best of luck.

You may also be able to google on YOUR PROVIDER, Linux and see if anyone else has posted
their procedure.


Tim Gunning wrote:

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Same problem!

Note that many ADSL modem do NOT support PPPoE which makes them difficult to configure. I have read many advice-responses to these thing, tried ADSL4Lin (which will set up certain connections but not mine--first question is for country and then local providers are presented and the menus are in Dutch). To no avail.

The Eth0 is set up presumably correctly. I can ping the modem ( and the computer's IP ( as directed by the provider. What is patently MISSING is my LOGON to the ADSL!!

How does one do this? Is the PAPsecrets thing the way and how is this set up?

Apparently most Linux installations assume that the computer is on a network that is always connected from a server.

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I have no idea what modem you are running, but I had similar issues to start
I found http://eciadsl.flashtux.org/index.php?lang=en to be a fantastic bit
of kit.
simple to setup (username, pass etc), type of modem, provider addresses
highly recommended.


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