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Re: I2C support

"Jeffrey L. Taylor" <jeff@austinblues.dyndns.org> writes:

> Is the I2C support only in 2.4.x?  I would like to use the
> lm-sensors package.

The packages in Debian claim to support kernel 2.4 and not kernel
2.6.  The upstream Web page (http://secure.netroedge.com/~lm78/)
claims that there's now userspace support for 2.6 kernels; IIRC, there
are kernel modules for both i2c and lm-sensors in the 2.6 kernel tree.

If you want to use lm-sensors with a 2.4 kernel, you need to build
your own kernel at this point.  Make sure you have everything
i2c-related disabled in the kernel configuration, and build lm-sensors
and i2c modules separately ('make-kpkg modules-image';
lm-sensors-source's README.Debian file should have information if you
haven't done this before).  If you don't completely disable i2c in the
kernel configuration, you will get random lossage and kernel panics.
It's really sad.  I don't know a good way around it.  If you're in the
situation of needing other i2c-related drivers, there's a kernel patch
at the same place that claims to update the in-kernel i2c support.

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