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Re: make-kpkg

On Tuesday December  9 at 06:42pm
Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 10:09:48AM -0800, Michael Montagne wrote:
> > I use Grub as a bootloader.  After making a kernel .deb using
> > make-kpkg, I'm running dpkg -i....  Near the end you are asked to if
> > you want to make a boot block.  What is this?  Is it just an entry
> > in Grub or LILO?  What I'm most concerned about is being able to
> > boot to my old kernel if I screwed this one up.
> Since LILO is so much better documented, easy to configure, far more
> widely used, is generally the "assumed" bootloader, and just works,
> why not just use LILO?

I've had some annoying problems with lilo not liking my hard drives, and
weird booting problems that I can't really trace back to any definitive
source. So I switched to grub, and I'm pretty happy with it.
-johann koenig
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