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Can spamassassin remove SIGs?

I've decided SIGs are spam: they are unrelated to what I'm reading this 
list for, and most of them bug the crap out of me.  Mostly because they 
break my technical concentration with some random quip of ego or dumb 

For now, I've set my .muttrc to color signatures as "black/black", which 
is doing a pretty good job.  But since most sigs follow quite regular 
patterns structurally as well as content-wise, a bayesian filter should 
be able to strip them effectively.

Does a tool exist to strip a message of random structral bits of spam 
within a message, and just pull out the "meat" ??

(I like most of the technical info here I just loathe reading the SIGs, 
regardless of its message or personal website links).  Tools to help me?

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