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Kernel modules for AIC79xx scsi card?


I'm planning on installing Debian on a Sun Fire V65x to see how I like Debian.  I noticed that the default kernel for Debian stable doesn't include support for the ethernet card (e1000) or the SCSI card (aic79xx).  This is understandable, given the age of the kernel (aic79xx wasn't in 2.4.18).

I (luckily) found this page:


Which (supposedly) contains handy modules for installation, as mentioned here:


However, I can't access the above page at people.debian.org because I get a redirection loop in both Mozilla and w3m.  I reported this to debian-www@lists.debian.org on 3 Dec 2003, but have not received a response.

I'm guessing people.debian.org is hosted on glucker (from the redirection page I saw), which was affected by the recent compromise --- is this why I'm seeing redirection loops?

Is there a mirror of the modules page somewhere?  Or will it be back online sometime this month?  Or should I just go build my own modules?  If I should build my own modules, where can I get the source for the Debian bf24 kernel on the stable media --- I'm on a gentoo box right now, so I don't have the debian tools but I can probably compile them if needed.



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